The Fox and the Polar Bear


We met Ellen and Steve through our church community group and have become good friends over the last few years. It helps that they live on our block, too. We have cohosted CGs and have semi-regular drinks at their place after their kids have gone to bed. They cat sit for us, we babysit for them. We couldn’t ask for better friends or neighbors, and I’m super grateful to have them in our lives.  

They have two boys, Caleb (3), and Isaac, who was born this spring. I first had the idea of making them some embroidery when Isaac was born, but life being what it is, they got it a few weeks ago.

Caleb likes polar bears, and Isaac will hopefully grow up to like foxes. Patterns by HawthornHandmade.

Bonus pictures!


And one last thing. As folks without kids, I really love sharing life with people with them. There’s this special fuzzy feeling when a little kid knows you and remembers you and likes you. I get that with Caleb. We hang out, he asks about us and our cat. And I love it. Maybe folks who have lots of friend and family with kids in their lives will think that’s weird or silly, but I think it’s great.