Stranger Halloween

Sometimes you don’t get it together to stick with your self-set posting schedule (and by you I mean me). Sometimes you just say, “I don’t feel like blogging today,” and then you don’t because there’s no one else to make you and your nose is runny and you are tired. And then the world keeps turning, and you post on the weekend. So here we are.

Halloween! When I was a kid we were never allowed to celebrate Halloween because it was the devil’s holiday, or something like that. So naturally a part of me always really wanted to. This one time, though, I did go to a church’s “Harvest Festival” where they encouraged us to dress up as our favorite biblical characters. I went as the actual Bible.

I can't include a picture because all of our family photos are in a storage unit in Texas, so you'll have to use your imagination. I took a big box, painted it black, put stripes for where the pages show, cut out eye holes and arm holes, and wrote "The Holy Bible" on the side.

I got second place.

As an adult, it’s not my favorite holiday. One, because I put a lot of pressure on myself to have the BEST COSTUME EVER but also usually don’t want to spend a lot of money/time/effort on it, which is a recipe for failure, and two, because I’m always a little paranoid about creeps in masks feeling less inhibited in New York. So I avoid the parades and just do the house party things.

But in the last few years I have managed to have more fun, starting with my favorite costume of all time, Furiosa from Mad Max:

Anyway, enough of the glory days.

This year we decided to host a small watch party for Stranger Things 2 on Netflix, and both Vlad and I went as different iterations of Eleven. I made Vlad’s costume by tracing the Benny’s Burgers logo on an oversized t-shirt with a sharpie. Mine came mostly from Amazon and things I owned. For the apartment, I used this banner print out from, where else, Etsy for the letters on the walls, and may or may not have taken advantage of the color printer at work (shhhh). We also had some themed cocktails: the Whiskey 11 (whiskey sour + Eggo garnish) and the Diablo-gorgon (diablo + muddled blackberries).

Then after finishing the whole show by Saturday, I decided I wanted to go as badass Eleven from episode 7 to the party we went to on actual Halloween night at the Octomarx.*

stranger things halloween.jpg

*The Octomarx, located on St. Mark’s Place in the East Village, is Vlad’s pre-marriage residence, currently occupied by his old roommate Perry and our friend Matt. It may or may not also be a speakeasy.

Speaking of Matt, he made this amazing Weezing pokemon pumpkin:

Speaking of pumpkins, my MIL Natasha had this sweet setup at home. Pumpkin carving by Andy (BIL) and Karina. 

natasha pumkins.jpg

Aaaand that’s Halloween!